Cooperative Education

Program Description

Cooperative education is a planned learning experience that takes place in the community.  It provides an opportunity for all students to enhance their school program. Cooperative Education can assist all students (those who are bound for the workplace, college, apprenticeship or university) in making career decisions as well as in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential in today's society. Co-op is a valuable complement to students' academic experience and such preparation for the future and should be encouraged. Students who wish to gain work experience or who wish to explore a career area will benefit greatly from Cooperative Education.

The school maintains control of the design, implementation and monitoring of such courses. The cooperative education teacher in consultation with the job placement supervisor does the evaluation (70% Term, 30% Culminating Activity).  The choice of placement will depend on the student's career aspirations and how closely the school courses the student has completed can be linked to the placement. 

 Credits and Placements

Cooperative Education is a program for which one, two or four credits are earned that integrate classroom theory and learning experiences at a workplace under the supervision of an adult who is willing to share his or her knowledge and experience. The classroom component, 22-27 hours in school, includes pre-placement orientation (resume, cover letter, health and safety, Employment Standard Act, legal and equality issues) and integration sessions (students reflect on what they have learned in the related course). The placement component consists of 83- 88 hours in the workplace for a total of 110 hours/credit. Up to two cooperative education credits can count towards students' 18 compulsory credits for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  

 Application Process

Students must choose the appropriate course code when completing course requests.  They must also complete the appropriate Cooperative Education (PDF)or Peer Tutor (PDF)application form and an interview before being accepted into the program.

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CourseGrade 11Grade 12
1 Credit Peer Tutoring


 COP 4O7

2 Credits Co-op


 COP 4O8

4 Credits Co-op


 COP 409

See the course calendar for full course descriptions.


Admission Requirements

  • The student must be at least 15 years of age and if under 18, must have parental permission.
  • The student must meet the requirements of a school selection committee.
  • The student must agree to perform duties assigned by the work placement personnel in a faithful, honest and diligent manner.
  • The student must maintain an acceptable level of academic achievement and attendance in both the work placement and in academic courses.