Social Sciences

Social sciences encompass courses relating to religious studies, family studies, housing and home design, food and nutrition and raising and caring for children.

The courses explore human society and culture, social structures and relationships. They are concerned with how students view themselves, their families, their communities, and the broader society, and how they come to understand and respond to the world around them.

Through practical experience, discussion, debate, research, reflection, and the development of critical and creative thinking skills, social sciences courses help students become self-motivated problem solvers equipped with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to face their changing world with confidence.

Social Sciences - Grade 9
SubjectCourse Code(s)

HFN1O1 (Open)

Social Sciences - Grade 10
SubjectCourse Code(s)

HFN2O1 (Open)

Jesus and the Gospels

 HRE2O1 (Open)


Social Sciences - Grade 11
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Housing and Home Design

HLS3O1 (Open)

Working With Infants and Young Children

HPW3C1 (College)

Raising Healthy Children

HPC3O1 (Open)

 Food and Culture

HFC3M1 (College/University)

HFC 3E1 (Workplace)

Working with School Age Children and Adolescents

 HPD4C1 (College)

World Religions

HRF3O1 (Open)

World Religions: Beliefs, Issues and Religoius Traditions

 HRT3M1 (College/University)

Social Sciences - Grade 12
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Nutrition and Health

HFA4U1 (University)

HFA4C1 (College)

Food and Healthy LivingHFL4E1 (Open)
Personal Life Management


Church and Culture

HRE4M1 (College/University)

HRE4O1 (Open)


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