School Improvement Plan

What is a school improvement plan?

A school improvement plan is a roadmap of the learning experiences that a school is planning to improve its level of student achievement. The plan is focussed on what our staff wants to learn more about based on the evidence they have gathered and the needs of our students and shows how and when this learning will occur.

School Improvement Plan 2014-2015

Why is a school improvement plan needed?

School improvement plans help principals, teachers, and school councils answer the questions "What will we focus on now and how will we know if it is making a difference?" They encourage staff and parents to monitor student achievement levels. With current, reliable information about how well students are performing, schools are better able to respond to the needs of students, teachers, and parents.

How does the plan enhance learning?

The objective is to improve student achievement levels by enhancing the way curriculum is delivered or assessed, creating a positive learning environment, and ultimately improving student achievement. The plan involves members of the school community working together to gather to analyze information about the school and its students, so that they can determine what needs to be improved in their school.

School Inquiries for 2016-2017

Our school inquiries for 2016-2017 include:

  • Student Voice: If teachers and administrators implement mechanisms to elicit student voice and students participate effectively in the process, then students will have an impact on the decisions we make as educators and will see themselves as valued partners in their learning.
  • Authenticity and Relevance: If we incorporate planned and purposeful experiential learning tasks and opportunities, then students will demonstrate understanding of what they are learning, why they are learning it and how it connects to their lives, pathway and career plans.
  • Culture of Collaborative: If we use teaching and learning strategies that support collaborative student inquiry and a focus on the big ideas, then students will demonstrate curiosity and be able to pose authentic questions to investigate.