Madawaska Valley District High School (MVDHS) students and staff participate in many fundraisers throughout the school year to supplement student costs and to support charities. Some of our recent and ongoing fundraisers include:

Arts Department

Our Arts Department holds three large events to support the equipment costs of the arts programs.  The three highly entertaining and professional quality performances are: Soloists Spotlight, Sounds of Christmas and MV Arts Night.

Student Activities Council (SAC)

Our SAC group holds various fundraisers during the school year to both support student activities and to donate to charities. Each year, our students make a donation to our local hospital and also to MV families in need.  Typical fundraisers have included: student sporting events, raffles, selling of merchandise such as candles and Pizza Kits, dances and events such as pancake breakfasts. 

Team Lionheart

This very prominent club in our school that seeks to promote kindness and end bullying holds a few fundraisers during the school year such as bake sales and face painting.  Past fundraising has supported such costs as training on anti-bullying strategies for elementary students, team t-shirts, stencils to paint inspirational messages, events such as Days of Pink and Purple and donations to students in need.

French Paris Trip

Mme Banitowski of the MVDHS staff, is planning a trip to Paris France for March Break 2015. Students will be fundraising to offset the costs of this wonderful experience.

Live Different

In coordination with other community groups, MV students and staff have participated in two trips to Mexico with the Live Different Organization to build homes for families in need.  Another trip is planned for March 2016 and fundraising will begin in the near future and continue until that time.